Виртуальный хостинг

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service for hosting websites, mailboxes, and other resources on the Internet. Web hosting, or shared hosting, is the most affordable service, since several customers are using the resources of the same server.

How does hosting work?

First, you need to select a suitable hosting plan for your website. After payment, Host4Biz will host your website on the server. Now your website is available on the Internet from anywhere in the world and your visitors will be able to find it.

What is the difference between website hosting and WordPress hosting?

Web hosting from Host4Biz perfectly suits for websites on any CMS, including WordPress. Powerful servers, NVMe SSD drives, and fast redundant uplinks ensure the highest performance and speed of any website. We have developed a specialized hosting service for WordPress to make our clients' websites work with this CMS as efficiently as possible. Advantages of WordPress website hosting from Host4Biz: pre-installed WordPress, set of tools for this CMS, automatic update of CMS, themes, and plugins.

What is the difference between website hosting and VPS hosting?

Website hosting differs from VPS hosting in that you use the server resources together with other customers on virtual hosting. The server is configured and managed by the hosting provider's technical team. VPS hosting user gets full access to the server resources, can install the necessary software, configure services etc. In most cases, the VPS server is configured and managed by the customer.

Which hosting plan should I choose for my website?

The hosting plan selection depends on the website you want to be hosted. If you have a small business card website or landing page, our START-20 package is perfect for you. The OPTIMAL-20 package is suitable for most websites: blogs, portfolios, and business websites of small and medium-sized companies. If you have an online store, forum, or corporate website, it is best to choose the PRO-20 package.

VPS серверы

What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology is a service for hosting websites or corporate portals. A virtual server completely emulates a physical server, but it is easier to maintain and much cheaper. Unlike virtual hosting, VPS users enjoy full access to the disk space and server resources allocated to them. The users can independently install any software on the server, add or remove files, run scripts, assign permissions, etc. There are several virtual dedicated servers on the same physical virtualization server, but being located in a completely isolated environment they neither interfere with each other nor use other users' resources.

What is a difference between VPS and VDS?

VPS server (Virtual Private Server) is the same as VDS server (Virtual Dedicated Server). This is the same service, the only difference is in abbreviations and their usage area. The term "VPS-server" is mostly used in the RuNet, while "VDS-server" is in English-speaking area of the Internet.

What is VPS used for?

If the number of a resource visitors exceeds 1000 people/day, or the website content requires more capacity than web hosting can offer, then renting a VPS server is the best solution. Here are a few types of websites for which VPS hosting is the most appropriate option:

  • Online store. Regular hosting may not be suitable for an online store, because often it has high traffic and many pages that requires a lot of computing power. In addition, some specific software is often required for an online store. A regular hosting can not provide it, so buying a VPS server is the best option for an online store.
  • Corporate website. VPS technology provides better information protection for a corporate website by isolating the server from other VMS. You can administer the server without restrictions, install the necessary operating systems, and run all the necessary services.
  • Multilpe projects. Web developers will appreciate this solution since conventional virtual hosting has a restricted number of email addresses, domains, subdomains, and databases, while VPS servers can simultaneously support as many projects as you need.

Hosting or VPS?

Renting a virtual server is the next step after hosting. When a regular web hosting no longer has enough resources to serve your project, the time has come to order a VPS server. This will give you more freedom to configure and use various functions, as well as to install own software.

VPS or a dedicated server?

VPS/VDS server is a full-fledged analog of a physical server, but more money-saving. A virtual server is very similar to a physical one: you can install any operating system on it and configure everything exactly as your project needs. Another advantage is that you are not required to select a physical server with all its characteristics. And if you want more space or resources for your website, you can simply buy an additional VPS server.

WordPress Hosting

What is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting differs from regular hosting with its higher performance, a wide range of tools for WordPress, and regular automatic updates of both the CMS and its plugins and themes.

Our WordPress hosting servers are configured to serve the maximum number of WordPress websites with high speed and performance.

Why should I buy hosting for a WordPress website from Host4Biz?

WordPress hosting from Host4Biz is a reliable and affordable hosting designed specifically for the WordPress CMS:

  • You will get hosting with WordPress already installed
  • You won't need to search and install the latest version of WordPress by yourself as it's done automatically
  • You can control your hosting using a convenient and intuitive Plesk panel which has all tools you need to manage your website
  • Cloudflare, SSL certificate, web application firewall, and Imunify360 antivirus to protect your website against viruses, hackers, vulnerabilities and attacks. WordPress hosting from Host4Biz provides high security for your website 
  • Our support team will quickly help you to solve all problems related to WordPress hosting.

Why WordPress hosting from Host4Biz is perfect for beginners?

It’s not so easy to choose a WordPress hosting from plenty of offers from numerous providers. But we know that you need a hosting that will not require much care to let you give more time to your website.

With our WordPress hosting you won’t have to waste time for manual backups, checking website for viruses, or search for newest themes and plugins. All this will be done automatically. Moreover, you don’t even need to install WordPress by yourself! Just register and pay for your account to get a hosting with WordPress already installed.

On our servers we use NVMe SSDs – they are 5 times faster than regular SSD drives. So your website will load very quickly, and your customers and search engines will love it.

If you already have a website on WordPress, we will help to transfer it to our hosting. And if you consider making an awesome website for your business, there’re thousands of hottest themes and plugins in our stock. 

Why WordPress hosting from Host4Biz is perfect for experts?

For WordPress webmasters and developers it is very important to have a stable hosting with access to WordPress tools and reliable protection from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities.

Our WordPress hosting meets all these requirements.

First of all, you get hosting with WordPress already installed, with Jetpack set of plugins included.

The control panel contains the main interface for the WordPress Toolkit. With it you can install, configure, and manage your WordPress websites. Also, using the WordPress Toolkit, you can update WordPress to the latest version, control your content, install and manage plugins, clone your website, make data backups, etc.

In addition, the WordPress Toolkit performs security checks for your websites, including SSL certificate validity, security status, and installation of the latest updates.

Website cloning is another very convenient tool for working with WordPress. For example, it is useful if you need to create multiple copies of the website to make changes to each of them for later testing or demonstration to the client. WordPress website cloning is creating a complete copy of the website with all settings, database, and files.

Also, WordPress hosting from Host4Biz provides a set of WP-CLI tools, which is popular among WordPress developers. With WP-CLI you can manage websites from the command line. And Git version control system is used to track changes in every file in your project and update your code fast.

All these tools are available directly from the WordPress hosting control panel.

Is WordPress hosting safe?

Some people believe that WordPress is a CMS that is often hacked because of its popularity. On the one hand, this is true, but on the other hand, it depends on the hosting you choose for your WordPress website.

On our hosting, your websites are protected with Cloudflare support, SSL certificate, web firewall, and Imunify360 antivirus.

  • The external service Cloudflare is used to protect from DDoS attacks and secure access to resources and DNS servers.
  • The SSL certificate protects personal data (bank card numbers, usernames and passwords, e-mail addresses) of your website visitors from being captured by fraudsters.
  • The Web Application Firewall (WAF) tracks and blocks potential dangerous requests to the website.
  • Imunify360 antivirus scans the website content to detect hacks, vulnerabilities, and other problems.

So, our hosting ensures constant protection for your websites.

Business Box

Что такое Business Box?

Business Box - это набор инструментов для организации удаленной работы. В него входит мощный виртуальный сервер c предустановленным на нем набором бесплатных программ для удаленной работы:

  • OpenVPN - для создания частной сети внутри компании для взаимодействия сотрудников и безопасной передачи данных.
  • Jitsi Meet - для организации видеоконференций.
  • Nextcloud - облачной хранилище для данных компании.
  • Leantime - для управления проектами и создания стратегий.
  • Suitecrm - для организации взаимодействия с клиентами и контрагентами.
  • Mattermost - чат для общения сотрудников. 
  • BookStack - для организации и хранения информации, контента, инструкций. 

От чего зависит цена на тариф Business Box?

Цена на тариф Business Box зависит только от стоимости ресурсов виртуального сервера. Все программы, что мы установили на виртуальный сервер - это бесплатные программы для удаленной работы. Для их использования вам не нужны ни подписка, ни лицензия. Оплачивая тариф Business Box вы платите только за ресурсы виртуального сервера.

Можно ли добавить свой домен?

Да, можно. Перед заказом услуги, пожалуйста, напишите в нашу службу поддержки и наши сотрудники расскажут вам, как это сделать.

Не хватает ресурсов виртуального сервера. Можно ли добавить?

Если вам не хватает ресурсов виртуального сервера Business Box, то вы можете добавить ядра процессора и оперативную память самостоятельно. Для увеличения размера диска, пожалуйста, обратитесь в службу техподдержки.

Black Friday

Когда начнется Черная Пятница 2020?

В 2020 году Черная пятница приходится на 27 ноября. Но во многих странах Black Friday начнется раньше. Например, Черная пятница 2020 в Украине начинается 23-го и закончится 29 ноября. Black friday 2020 в России пройдет с 27 по 29 ноября. А в Польше блекфрайдей уже началась и носит название Black Weeks.

Когда будет Кибер Понедельник 2020?

Кибер Понедельник 2020 пройдет 30.11, сразу после Черной пятницы и выходных.

Когда начинается Черная пятница 2020 на Host4Biz?

Мы объявляем старт Черной пятницы на Host4Biz 23 ноября и продлится она до 30 ноября 2020 года включительно.

Какие скидки на хостинг будут на Host4Biz в Black Friday 2020?

В этом году на Черную пятницу 2020 мы предлагаем скидки на хостинг до 90%! Вы сможете заказать со скидками 90% хостинг сайтов и хостинг для WordPress, а виртуальные серверы Linux VPS в этом году мы предлагаем со скидками 50%. Подробнее об условия акции можно прочесть здесь.

Какая разница между хостингом в Черную пятницу и обычным хостингом от Host4Biz?

Кроме цены - нет никакой разницы! Вы получаете тот же самый надежный европейский хостинг, что и всегда, но в Черную пятницу 2020 вы можете купить хостинг со скидкой 90%. Мы вас не торопим - ведь у вас есть целая неделя, чтобы выбрать для своего сайта подходящий тариф... Но если не успеете - потом таких скидок придется ждать еще год, до следующей Черной пятницы.