WordPress Hosting

For WordPress webmasters and developers it is very important to have a stable hosting with access to WordPress tools and reliable protection from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities.

Our WordPress hosting meets all these requirements.

First of all, you get hosting with WordPress already installed, with Jetpack set of plugins included.

The control panel contains the main interface for the WordPress Toolkit. With it you can install, configure, and manage your WordPress websites. Also, using the WordPress Toolkit, you can update WordPress to the latest version, control your content, install and manage plugins, clone your website, make data backups, etc.

In addition, the WordPress Toolkit performs security checks for your websites, including SSL certificate validity, security status, and installation of the latest updates.

Website cloning is another very convenient tool for working with WordPress. For example, it is useful if you need to create multiple copies of the website to make changes to each of them for later testing or demonstration to the client. WordPress website cloning is creating a complete copy of the website with all settings, database, and files.

Also, WordPress hosting from Host4Biz provides a set of WP-CLI tools, which is popular among WordPress developers. With WP-CLI you can manage websites from the command line. And Git version control system is used to track changes in every file in your project and update your code fast.

All these tools are available directly from the WordPress hosting control panel.