VPS серверы

If the number of a resource visitors exceeds 1000 people/day, or the website content requires more capacity than web hosting can offer, then renting a VPS server is the best solution. Here are a few types of websites for which VPS hosting is the most appropriate option:

  • Online store. Regular hosting may not be suitable for an online store, because often it has high traffic and many pages that requires a lot of computing power. In addition, some specific software is often required for an online store. A regular hosting can not provide it, so buying a VPS server is the best option for an online store.
  • Corporate website. VPS technology provides better information protection for a corporate website by isolating the server from other VMS. You can administer the server without restrictions, install the necessary operating systems, and run all the necessary services.
  • Multilpe projects. Web developers will appreciate this solution since conventional virtual hosting has a restricted number of email addresses, domains, subdomains, and databases, while VPS servers can simultaneously support as many projects as you need.
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