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Affiliate program Recommend us once - earn money all the time!

Affiliate program

What do we offer?

We developed a recurring affiliate program and offer you, our dear customers, to earn money together with us. You can recommend our services to your friends, colleagues and relatives and get profit from their orders.

Why do we do it?

We do it because we sincerely believe that every good did needs to be rewarded. It is especially pleasant to watch how our customers and partners recommend us to their friends. We appreciate it and try to encourage it.

How does it work?

1. Get a affiliate link

Register in our and receive your affiliate link there.

2. Recommend us

Forward the link to your friends, they register following it and order our services.

3. Profit!

You receive affiliate earnings from orders of every new customer you bring for all the time he is using our services!

Features of partnership program

Each of our customers becomes our partner automatically when registering in our billing system.

In our billing system you can track all the transitions and registrations made by following your link.

Earn your affiliate rewards for all the time your customer is using our services!

Sounds good, what should I do?

After registering in our billing system go to Client - Affiliate program page and copy your referral link. You can do whatever you want with it – post on websites, forums, send via Skype, etc.

The partner`s link will look like this:, where 26 is the unique number for every partner and will lead the user to the main page of our website. If you need to send a link to some other page, you will have to add ?from=your_id to the page address, e.g. ?from=26. For example, the link to the shared hosting page will look like this:

How much will I get?

Here everything is simple too. In the beginning of each month we calculate the expenses of the customer for the previous month, for customers brought by partners – expenses for each service for which the Partnership program is valid. After that the billing system will credit a certain percentage of this amount to your balance. After that you can do anything you want with this money: pay for any of our services or withdraw it when the amount exceeds $10.

How the visits are tracked?

Cookies allow tracking the transitions of the attracted customers to the website. When registering as a partner, a customer receives a cookie file which makes it possible to remember them as a customer brought by a partner.

*When you reinstall the operating system, browser or clear cookies, the cookie file will be destroyed.


  • It is not possible to use affiliate program for yourself (buy hosting or server, etc.)
  • It is not allowed to distribute the referral link with the help of SPAM, pop-ups or any other means that do not require customer`s consent. The account of such partner will be blocked.
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