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Registration of a domain name is automated. After data input and payment are finalized, registration usually takes a couple of minutes.

Help and support
We are always ready to answer your questions and help you to select or register a domain. Feel free to contact us.

DNS hosting
Our customers receive DNS hosting service for free with every domain registered with us.

Frequent questions

What is domain name?

Domain name, or domain, is the title of your website, something that user writes in the address bar. If the name of the website does not correspond to its content, the users will be surely surprised. That's why choosing the right domain name is a very important step in creating a successful website.

Why does my website needs a domain name?

Every website needs a domain name because the website address without it would look like 2a07:7c80::1 or, which is way harder to remember than So, the domain name is a necessary component that makes Internet navigation to your website much easier for the visitors.

How can I register a domain?

Domain registration with us is a completely automated process that takes a couple of minutes. To register a new domain, you have to check domain availability across multiple domain zones on this page and press Register button. After that, you will be redirected to the client area, where you can input all the necessary data and complete the whole process.

Why do I have to check domain availability?

The name you select for your project can be already taken by someone else, so you will not be able to register it. That is why it is always a good idea to check if the domain is available in the desired domain zone before registration. It can also be available in some other domain zone, as there are thousands of them.

Who will be the domain owner?

You and only you. Please, be careful and enter your real data accurately while registering a domain - in case of any domain-related issues it is the very first thing that the registrar will check.

Hint: use mistypes!

Try to select a name for your project that is easy to remember and easy to type. The harder the domain name is to type or hear via phone - the higher the chance that visitors will mistype it is. Also, you can partially protect your domain from mistypes - just buy a domain name that includes most frequent mistypes. It will redirect the visitors to your main website in case they mistype the name of your domain.

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