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Datacenter in Warsaw A safe home for your data

General information

About the datacenter

Our hardware is located in the Warsaw datacenter ATMAN WAW-1. The ATMAN company is the largest operator of data processing centers in Poland and one of the largest in the Eastern Europe. Currently ATMAN offers three data processing centers for storing your data - Warsaw-1, Warsaw-2 and Katowice.


ATMAN Datacenter WAW-1, where our equipment is located, is the biggest telecommunications campus in Poland with 9,400 sq m of cutting-edge colocation area designed in compliance with the Tier III requirements for datacenter standards.


The datacenter is Carrier Neutral, which allows the datacenter clients to connect to various operators without restrictions. In total, there are more than 10 telecom operators in the datacenter. We are connected to several ones at the same time so that one uplink failure does not affect the availability of sites and projects of our clients.

Power supply

Power is supplied to the datacenter via 5 independent external lines with a total capacity of 26 MW. In case of a global power failure, emergency UPS systems with a total capacity of 12780 kVA are activated and supply the datacenter with power, while 12 independent generators with a total capacity of 16070 kVA are starting.


The temperature in the datacenter is maintained at 18-27С all year round with the conditioning system, working according to the N+1 scheme. It allows the cold air to circulate exactly as designed by the equipment vendors and cool it down properly.

Fire protection

The datacenter is divided into independent fire zones, with 120-minutes fire resistance. Multi-sensor optical-temperature smoke detection and early smoke detection systems allow to detect fire as soon as possible. When smoke or fire is detected, the automatic gas fire extinguishing systems are activated and neutralize the threat with Inergen and Argonite gases.


All datacenter premises are under CCTV surveillance and monitoring 24/7. All the areas of the campus are controlled by zone access control system and are accessible with proximity cards. In addition to regular security staff, the datacenter has automatic intrusion detection systems with automatic notifications in case of external intervention.

Datacenter features

9400 m2 space

Reserved uplinks

Reserved power

Stable temperature

Fire control

24/7 security

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