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VPS servers

Linux virtual servers

• Ultra fast NVMe SSD drives
• KVM Hypervisor
• Daily Backup


4.9 usd/month
  • 1 CPU core
  • 1 Gb RAM memory
  • 20 Gb NVMe drive
  • 100 Mbit Port speed
  • 1 IPv6
  • 1 IPv4

  • Centos Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Own ISO image


7.7 usd/month
  • 1 CPU cores
  • 2 Gb RAM memory
  • 30 Gb NVMe drive
  • 100 Mbit Port speed
  • 1 IPv6
  • 1 IPv4

  • Centos Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Own ISO image


10.50 usd/month
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 4 Gb RAM memory
  • 50 Gb NVMe drive
  • 100 Mbit Port speed
  • 1 IPv6
  • 1 IPv4

  • Centos Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Own ISO image


16.10 usd/month
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 6 Gb RAM memory
  • 80 Gb NVMe drive
  • 100 Mbit Port speed
  • 1 IPv6
  • 1 IPv4

  • Centos Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Own ISO image


22.40 usd/month
  • 6 CPU cores
  • 8 Gb RAM memory
  • 100 Gb NVMe drive
  • 100 Mbit Port speed
  • 1 IPv6
  • 1 IPv4

  • Centos Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Own ISO image

Server activation time: up to 10 minutes

All prices do not include VAT and fees of the payment systems.

Available locations

Linux VPS addons

+1 CPU core
3 usd/мес
+1 Gb RAM memory
2 usd/мес
+1 IPv4
3 usd/мес
+1 IPv6 (10 max)
VestaCP control panel
BrainyCP control panel
ISPmanager Lite panel
4 usd/month
+1 snapshot, NVME20-1
2 usd/month
+1 snapshot, NVME20-2
3 usd/month
+1 snapshot, NVME20-3
5 usd/month
+1 snapshot, NVME20-4
8 usd/month
+1 snapshot, NVME20-5
10 usd/month

All plans includes:

KVM virtualization
VNC access (IP-KVM)
Root access
Own ISO images support
Software pre-install recipes
Handy control panel
Guaranteed resources
Free tech domain name
Unlimited traffic

Awards and reviews

Server control panels   Available for automatic installation  

One of the simplest and most popular control panels. With VestaCP you can:
  • work with databases, email, and websites;
  • manage DNS records;
  • install a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt in a couple of clicks.
Free control panel with many tools:
  • monitor the status of your services;
  • use templates to customize the panel to fit your project needs and design;
  • configure scheduled data backups.
ISPmanager Lite
ISPmanager Lite
(4 usd/month)
Virtual server control panel with many features:
  • create an unlimited number of accounts, websites, and domains;
  • create own plugins with the open API;
  • one of the cheapest VPS/VDS control panels.

Hardware and datacenter:

Tier III datacenter
Supermicro hardware
ECC server memory
Enterprise-class drives
Prefect connectivity
Uptime 99.97%

Daily backups.
We protect your data

There are different situations when data may be lost. To prevent this, we provide free automatic backups for all our dedicated virtual servers. If some of the information is lost, most likely, it can be restored from the night backup.

Optionally, you can select an additional backup to our Backup hosting.

Problems with VPS?
We are here to help you!

You ordered VPS, but don't know what to do next? Our technical support team will help you configure your virtual server, namely:

  • install the selected operating system;
  • fine-tune the VPS server for your project;
  • update the software on request.
Administration service — from $20

Why you should buy VPS from Host4Biz

Fast work of your projects

For our VDS servers, we only use ultra-fast NVMe SSD drives – they are 5 times faster than regular SSD drives. Therefore, websites on our servers open and work much faster compared to other hostings. Buying a VPS server from Host4Biz means giving your projects additional advantages.

KVM virtualization

Our virtual servers use the KVM hypervisor. It guarantees the ordered set of resources for each user of the virtual server. If a neighboring VPS has a peak load, your VPS will never feel it. Thanks to KVM virtualization, VDS servers are completely isolated from each other.

Full root access for the administrator

Full root access gives you control over your virtual server. With it, you can install custom scripts and applications on your VPS server, update the software, and perform the necessary work.

Software for various needs

When you order a virtual server, you can choose any software template. If you can't find a suitable OS among our templates, just download your own ISO image and add an operating system or software that fits best for your project.

Unlimited possibilities

Our virtual servers can host any number of websites, domains, subdomains, databases, and email addresses. There are no limits. You can manage multiple projects concurrently. All you need is just buy a VPS-server and configure it to your taste.

Discounts for everyone

Save by paying for several months of using the VPS-server from Host4Biz. Longer hosting terms – bigger discounts:

  • Pay for 3 months – 5% discount.
  • Pay for 6 months – 10% discount.
  • Pay for 1 year – 20% discount.
  • Pay for 2 years – 30% discount.

Need something else?

Windows VPS server

Our Windows VPS-servers are perfect for those who trade on the stock exchange, auction websites such as Amazon, work with 1C programs or via a remote desktop. Windows VPS-Server in Europe is a reliable platform for your websites and business projects.


Dedicated server

Your project has outgrown hosting, and then a virtual server? So it's time to give full play to it on the physical server! Renting a dedicated server is the best solution for a highly loaded website, a large online store, or a forum with daily traffic of more than 10,000 people.

How to choose a vps server

VPS servers - Frequently asked questions

‣ What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology is a service for hosting websites or corporate portals. A virtual server completely emulates a physical server, but it is easier to maintain and much cheaper. Unlike virtual hosting, VPS users enjoy full access to the disk space and server resources allocated to them. The users can independently install any software on the server, add or remove files, run scripts, assign permissions, etc. There are several virtual dedicated servers on the same physical virtualization server, but being located in a completely isolated environment they neither interfere with each other nor use other users' resources.

‣ What is a difference between VPS and VDS?

VPS server (Virtual Private Server) is the same as VDS server (Virtual Dedicated Server). This is the same service, the only difference is in abbreviations and their usage area. The term "VPS-server" is mostly used in the RuNet, while "VDS-server" is in English-speaking area of the Internet.

‣ What is VPS used for?

If the number of a resource visitors exceeds 1000 people/day, or the website content requires more capacity than web hosting can offer, then renting a VPS server is the best solution. Here are a few types of websites for which VPS hosting is the most appropriate option:

  • Online store. Regular hosting may not be suitable for an online store, because often it has high traffic and many pages that requires a lot of computing power. In addition, some specific software is often required for an online store. A regular hosting can not provide it, so buying a VPS server is the best option for an online store.
  • Corporate website. VPS technology provides better information protection for a corporate website by isolating the server from other VMS. You can administer the server without restrictions, install the necessary operating systems, and run all the necessary services.
  • Multilpe projects. Web developers will appreciate this solution since conventional virtual hosting has a restricted number of email addresses, domains, subdomains, and databases, while VPS servers can simultaneously support as many projects as you need.

‣ Hosting or VPS?

Renting a virtual server is the next step after hosting. When a regular web hosting no longer has enough resources to serve your project, the time has come to order a VPS server. This will give you more freedom to configure and use various functions, as well as to install own software.

‣ VPS or a dedicated server?

VPS/VDS server is a full-fledged analog of a physical server, but more money-saving. A virtual server is very similar to a physical one: you can install any operating system on it and configure everything exactly as your project needs. Another advantage is that you are not required to select a physical server with all its characteristics. And if you want more space or resources for your website, you can simply buy an additional VPS server.

‣ Do I need to know Linux for VPS hosting?

Not mandatory, but desired :) Our VPS servers are supposed to be administered by the user, so you need Linux knowledge to install and update the software or for other issues. If case of any difficulties you can contact our technical support team for help at any time.

‣ Is the Windows VPS service available?

Yes, we provide a Windows VPS service. On the Windows VPS page, you can view the pricing plans and learn more about this service.

‣ How to choose a VPS server?

Before renting VPS, you should understand what resources are required to implement the project. Select the disk space, the amount of RAM and processor cores required for the project. We rent servers on NVMe SSD hard drives. NVMe is a new access protocol to data located on SSD disks which makes NVMe SSDS work up to 10 times faster than SSD and up to 50 times faster than common hard drives. If you are not sure which server to choose, just call or email us, and our assistants will answer your questions and tell about the difference between the rates.

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