Server management
For smooth workflow!

We offer our customers 3 options of server management services: initial configuration of FreeBSD/Linux server, once-only server maintenance and ongoing server management. You can order these services in the Customer Control Panel (for once-only service maintenance and initial configuration simply leave us a support ticket).

Ongoing server management plans


20 usd/month
  • Basic monitoring
  • Enhanced monitoring
  • Custom monitoring
  • 1h Admin time included
  • Dedicated admin
  • General recommendations
  • up to 2h Response time


55 usd/month
  • Basic monitoring
  • Enhanced monitoring
  • Custom monitoring
  • 3h Admin time included
  • Dedicated admin
  • General recommendations
  • up to 1h Response time


100 usd/month
  • Basic monitoring
  • Enhanced monitoring
  • Custom monitoring
  • 6h Admin time included
  • Dedicated admin
  • General recommendations
  • up to 30m Response time

Service info

What is server management?

It happens very often that a web-master creates a great project, develops it, puts his heart and soul into it, the project is growing but suddenly it starts requiring more than virtual hosting that is not enough anymore. It is easy to grow in terms of hardware as it is always possible to consider VPS servers or dedicated servers, but all of them need to be configured and maintained. However, no matter how great a designer/web-master/SEO specialist is, they may still be not familiar with the Unix-systems which are the basis of the work. You can, of course, spend years of studying all their features but it is faster and easier to trust this part of your work to our professionals, who deal with such situations every day and are familiar with many nuances in this area. This service is called server management or server administration.

What is initial server configuration and once-only maintenance?

It is always better to consult with us prior to ordering a new server for a project. Our administrators will need to know as many details about the project as possible and will offer you the most suitable configuration for your needs. Each server is unique, that is why the price is individual in each case but within clear limits – the approximate time and cost per hour of work of our specialists are taken as the basis. Moreover, we consider all wishes of our customers and try to set up a server so it will require administrator's intervention as little as possible. We can also help if you need to change or fix something on a running server. Once-only maintenance service and initial configuration costs $20/hour, although many issues are solved in less time and are charged accordingly.

Why do I need ongoing management?

While your project is growing, you constantly need to make changes in the server's work – install new software, edit settings of running services, repair them in case of emergency. When you order ongoing management service, our specialists will analyze the server settings, issue recommendations on how to optimize it, if necessary, will carry out once-only maintenance, will connect the server to our monitoring system (and subscribe you to receive notifications from the monitoring system) and will be promptly processing your requests or messages in the monitoring system. The price depends on how much attention a server requests per month.

Which projects do you work on?

We work on many different projects, ranging from small tasks like transferring a website up to handling portals with millions of visits a day and dozens of running servers. We do not make unrealistic promises but we always try to come up with the best solutions for each customer.

What is monitoring?

All servers, for which we provide ongoing management, are connected to our monitoring system Zabbix which, in addition to monitoring status of a server and its services, can do much more: clearly show history of changes in various parameters, send notifications, execute commands on the server under certain conditions, restart crashed services, etc.

Which plan should I choose?

We tried to adjust our plans for every project – small, medium or relatively large, so that our customer could get excellent service for a reasonable price. Only a rare server will need more administration support than our plans offer.

Any discounts?

Of course! The longer period of our services you order, the cheaper it becomes.

How can I order server management?

First, find the most suitable plan and then click “Order”. After registration in our billing system, specifying technical details (server access credentials etc.) and making the payment, our administrators will be ready work on your project.

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