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It is very easy to make a website with builder

  1. 01 Order a hosting plan In order for the site to be visible to people on the Internet, it will need hosting and a domain name. At start, you can make a website on a free test domain, but hosting will be needed right away.
  2. 02 Choose a template Choose from 200+ site templates the one you like best. Do not pay attention to the branches, the main thing is the colors and the arrangement of the elements.
  3. 03 Add your texts and images Replace the texts and images on the site with your own, edit the menu, add additional pages if necessary. And your site will become the way you want to see it!
  4. 04 Publish your website You ordered hosting, launched the builder and created your website. Now just click the Publish button. If you made a site in the demo builder - in the publish menu, save a backup copy of the site to your computer. It can then be restored to the hosting.
Order your hosting with free website builder


1.8 usd/month
  • Landing page
  • 1 Website
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • 10 Gb NVME storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Website builder
  • 200+ website templates
  • Email with your domain


3 usd/month
  • Company websites
  • 5 Websites
  • 30 Mailboxes
  • 30 Gb NVME storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Website builder
  • 200+ website templates
  • Email with your domain


4.80 usd/month
  • E-commerce
  • 10 Websites
  • 50 Mailboxes
  • 50 Gb NVME storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Website builder
  • 200+ website templates
  • Email with your domain

Service activation time: 1 minute

All prices do not include VAT and fees of the payment systems.

Available locations

Warsaw, Poland

Included in every plan:

Ultra-fast NVMe SSD storage
Handy control panel - Plesk
Daily backups
Free test subdomain
Vulnerability scanner
Mobile website version
Free SSL certificates
Website builder
Own domain support

Awesome templates for your website

Along with the hosting plan, you get a free website builder and more than 200 ready-made templates for any branch

Website builder features

For all sites

Adaptive design
Your website will look good on all devices - computers, smartphones and tablets

200+ ready-made templates
Many templates for the site with a variety of topics: travel, food, business, sports, etc.

Website import
Liked the site and want a similar one? With the Import Sites tool, you can create a similar website

With our builder, you can do basic SEO optimization for your websites

Plugins and widgets
Add videos, music, images, maps, chats, social media, calendar, and more to your site using the builder plugins

With our website builder, you can easily make a multilingual website. 50 languages available in the constructor

For E-commerce

Online payment processing
More than 30 payment gateways are available for your online store. Connect them in 1 click and sell online

Convenient placement of products
With our website builder, working with an online store is very comfortable. Customize and place products in a way that is convenient for you and your customers

Online shop templates
Choose from the best templates for your online store in our website builder

Website import

Like a site and want a similar one? Or want to migrate your website from another website builder? Import it - all that remains is to fix the content and get what you want!

Everything you need to create a website

Just drag and drop elements

Think building websites is hard? With Host4Biz website builder, you don't need to know how to code or be a designer. Just drag and drop the blocks you need, add texts and pictures, and you will make your website in one evening.

Create your website

Just drag and drop elements
Online store with builder

Online store with builder?

Creating an online store on a website builder is no more difficult than a landing page. Place your products, connect the payment gateways you need and sell online today!

Create your store

Reliable hosting

Paid hosting with a website builder is what you need to create your website. All plans are created so that you do not have to worry about whether there are enough resources for your site. We host our clients' websites on the best hardware and provide the fastest NVMe SSD drives for stable and fast website performance.

Choose hosting with site builder

Reliable hosting

How to create your own website with a website builder from Host4Biz

It's simple! The constructor is as clear as possible, see it yourself:

Awards and reviews

Hosting with website builder

Do you want your website, but development time and budget are limited? Then hosting with a website builder will be the best choice. In addition to the hosting plan, you get a website builder, an SSL certificate, a test domain, and email for free. The online site editor will allow you to immediately see how your site changes after adding texts and images. With the help of a website builder, it is easy to create a business card website, blog, forum, gallery, culinary website or online store. You get a handy tool for creating, developing and hosting your site. You do not need to know how to program or understand website design. The constructor provides more than 200 ready-made website templates adapted for mobile applications. So you can simply choose the template you like and add texts and pictures to it for your site. Unlike most free website builders, we do not tie your website to our hosting. If you wish, you can always transfer your site to another hosting. Paid hosting with a website builder is a solution that saves you time and money.

Website hosting – frequently asked questions

‣ I'm not sure now about future domain name. What can I do?

Take advantage of our free test domain and work on your website in peace. In the process, you will definitely come up with a beautiful name for your site. Then you can order a regular domain and move the site to it.

‣ Can I move my website to other host?

Yes, you can. The site created on our builder is completely yours and you can transfer it to any other hosting or host it with us. With our website builder you have complete freedom. On most free website builders, there is no option to transfer the site to another hosting. Therefore, paid hosting with a website builder compares favorably with them.

‣ How to create a mailbox for my domain?

You can create a mailbox for the site in your account. You can create up to 50 mailboxes for your site.

‣ What is a demo version?

The demo version is a test instance for the website builder. You can try to create a website without registering on our website. If everything suits you - register and continue working on your site.

‣ How to import site into builder?

Use the "Import Sites" service. Enter in the window the address of the site you want to import and click the "Import" button. Wait for the process to finish, then publish the imported site. You can transfer your site to the builder from WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Yola, Ucoz, Joomla, Tilda and many other platforms.

‣ What is included in the plan besides the builder?

Everything you need to work with the site: reliable and fast website hosting, free SSL-certificate, free antivirus, free test domain, attentive technical support, articles on working with hosting and site promotion.

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