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05 March 2022 Комментариев нет
Statement about war in Ukraine

Dear customers!

Like most European businesses, we cannot stand aside from the unprovoked aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. This is a monstrous crime against humanity, using prohibited methods of warfare, terrorism and genocide of civilians. It cannot go unpunished, and let's hope that the international military tribunal in the Hague will certainly condemn the Russian war criminals.

Accordind to the current situation, we:

  • We stop registration of domain names RU, SU and RF. Owners of names in these zones, please contact us - we will tell you how to transfer these domains to service with other registrars.
  • We stop selling Russian software for managing ISPmanager servers.
  • From the first day of the war, we are transferring funds daily to help the Ukrainian army, which is heroically defending its country.
Important information for customers from Ukraine: if you have any problems with paying for our services - write to us about it, please - we will definitely try to meet halfway and figure out how to make your services continue to work.

We believe in the victory of Ukraine, our hearts are with it and we hope that this monstrous horror will end soon.

Glory to Ukraine!

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